Need a winning strategy for your online marketing or social media campaign? Let us help you find the most effective ways to engage your market. We can manage your entire campaign: content creation, multi-channel broadcasting, and monitoring results. We are experts at creating relevant branded content that delights audiences, content that they are truly interested in and happy to share.

What We Can Do For You

If you’re new to digital campaigns, websites or apps, the amount of information and conflicting advice can be overwhelming. Finding the right help can be equally tricky.

Fret not.

We have been working in the digital/social media space for 15 years and enjoy helping others navigate these confusing waters. If it’s gorgeous visuals and catchy copy you want, look no further.

How it works

Contact us to set up a 20 minute free consultation by phone. If we feel we can help you, we will then suggest a one-hour paid consultation, either in-person or via video chat (Skype). Experience has shown us that it takes about an hour to accurately define your core issues, assess what needs to be done, and explain (in plain English, not jargon) the pros and cons of some potential solutions. We encourage you to send us related materials to review in advance.

You may also opt to have us do followup consulting work, such as writing up an RFP, reviewing your in-house brand strategy, creating a design brief, or content marketing campaign plan.


The fee is a flat rate of $225.00/hour, payable in advance. However, this fee is 100% deductible from any subsequent contract you sign with us.