Do you have plenty to say but not much to show?  Do you need help finding or negotiating quality professional illustration or photography? We have provided art direction and supervision for countless photo shoots and commissioned illustration work. We can also research and gather high quality stock images when needed.

If you want people to read what you have to say, you must first satisfy their visual appetites.  In addition to your website, you will need graphics for your social media presence, blog and promotional materials.  If you don’t have a ready supply of professional images on hand, you can outsource the chore of finding, sorting and re-sizing photos, and illustration to us.

Brand Characters

Brand Characters (aka Corporate Mascots) are great for service-based businesses or organizations that are saddled with a generic name. They inject warmth, life and personality into your brand. Most importantly, they make it instantly recognizable and highly memorable. Check out our portfolio for some examples.


We love creating custom infographics. Complete with custom characters and illustration designed to enhance your information and make it easy to digest at a glance. Send us your data and we’ll send you a quote.

Corporate Photography

We can recommend a local professional photographer or video crew and stylist for your corporate portrait and on-site business photography and company videos. Professional lighting and composition will ensure that your images look polished and consistent. Whether you seek a dignified, formal look, or a bold, edgy feel, we can recommend the perfect crew for the job.

Stock Imagery

While it’s always more preferable to use your own images, if this is not possible we can usually find you something suitable from the online stock image sources. We can also gather a coordinated set of images for you so that you have a ready supply for your website, social media, Power Point presentations, etc. Having a bank of curated images ensures that your brand stays consistent over time and across media.

Original (Commissioned) Art

We have many years of experience dealing with professional artists and agents and are happy to manage the process of commissioning original artwork, as well as the negotiation of copyright usage and fees.