Need help with the graphics or GUI (Graphical User Interface) for your mobile app? Want to make sure your images look crisp on all gadgets? Or maybe you need a cover design for your eBook? We can help.

Mobile App Design

When it comes to winning customers for your app, half the battle lies in having great graphics. Are they compelling? Fresh and original? Appealing to your target audience? And finally, are they in focus (i.e. crisp) on gadgets with HD (high definition) screens, or are they fuzzy and hard to read? Do they load quickly? Perhaps you need your images in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format? Is your logo stretched or squished? We can take care of both the technical and creative issues for you.

We can also produce a working (i.e. fully interactive) prototype for your mobile app, for UX (User Experience) testing purposes. This can be viewed on a mobile device, as well as a laptop, and can result in valuable early feedback from your target audience. It can also be used to demonstrate your product or idea to investors: showing is easier than telling.

mobile app design

Ebook Cover Design

Do you know what it takes to design a book cover design that works just as well for ebooks as it does for print? Have you tried designing one yourself, only to find yourself frustrated by the process and/or results? Has your cover been rejected for technical reasons by We’ve designed award winning covers for ebooks and are very familiar with the constraints imposed by both online publishers and print publishers.

ebook cover design