Your website should fit you like a glove, both in function and visual appeal. We can customize a template-based site, or build you a custom site from scratch. Here’s what we recommend, depending on the size of your business.

For a small or micro business (solopreneur, freelancer, mom-and-pop store, blogger)

We recommend a simple site with an easy CMS (Content Management System, aka a private admin area) that allows you to do your own content updates. For this we recommend a responsive (mobile-friendly) WordPress site, customized to reflect your brand identity, along with other elements such as an interactive appointment calendar, photo gallery slideshow, interactive poll, or a blog that includes social media streams and audio/video.

For a mid-size business, (wholesale company, small corporation, start-up)

We recommend a custom-coded site that is mobile-friendly and search-engine friendly, built on a stable, well-supported  platform, (e.g. WordPress or ExpressionEngine). Custom coding offers greater flexibility in terms of the look and function of the site, as well as allowing for more search-engine options, such as extra landing pages for Google AdWords campaigns. Simple changes to content can be done by your in-house staff, or by us, as part of a general maintenance contract.

For a large business, (school, organization, national and global corporation)

We recommend a more complex CMS platform such as Drupal or ExpressionEngine. These platforms can support large communities and social networks with public and private forums, multiple groups and users, multiple levels of access, membership logins, complex databases, multi-media integration, elaborate ecommerce, interactive classroom learning and live events broadcasting. They can support multiple simultaneous admin access, which allows staff to make changes or additions from multiple locations around the world.