If ecommerce is in your plans, we can seamlessly integrate a robust, frictionless option like Shopify or Magento  into an existing site. Regardless of the platform, we will customize and rearrange the layout and graphics to ensure that your site has a unique and authentic feel that clearly sets it apart from the competition and establishes you as a premium brand.

 User-Friendly Design

If your site results in your customers feeling frustrated, confused or uncertain, sales will simply not happen. Shopping cart abandonment is a major issue in ecommerce. Much of this can be avoided using UX (User Experience) Design principles and testing to ensure customers have all the information, visual feedback and reassurance they need to complete a sale with confidence.

In collaboration with your in-house team, we analyze your target audience in order to create the best possible experience for them. This guides decisions about visual design elements (colors, typography, art styles, mascots), font size, tone of voice in the copy, as well as the pace and flow of your site. The goal is a frictionless path for your customer, to increase engagement and conversion rates. The long-term benefit is a stronger emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

Payment Processors

We know the ins-and-outs of PayPal, Stripe as well as stand-alone Point-Of-Sale apps like Square. We can set up automatic notification emails to alert you to each sale, or to send a variety of daily reports.


We only use software that is certified as PCI Level 1 compliant (the most stringent level of certification available). Our goal is to minimize potential liability for store owners.