Cinderella would never have made it past palace security, let alone capture the attention of a prince, dressed in her everyday rags. But arriving in a glass coach pulled by 6 white horses? In that dress? And those glass shoes? They fell over themselves to help her in.

That visual brand identity makeover changed her life. Leaving behind a glass slipper was genius content marketing.

We love nothing better than a chance to re-brand an existing company, whether you’re looking for a subtle transformation or a bold design makeover, a single logo or an umbrella corporate identity for several different lines.

Mix & Match

In addition to a fabulous custom logo design, you can opt to receive a unique coordinated collection of visual elements that includes custom fonts, colors, patterns and additional graphics.

Social Media Graphics

We can also equip you with extra logo formats & sizes , and branded meme templates or graphics for use on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, GoogleAds, favicon, etc). These can be used in a variety of ways to present a cohesive look across digital, print, and merchandise to maintain visual interest and ensure that your customers will instantly recognize your brand, no matter where they encounter it.

Extending Your Brand Identity

With a flexible visual brand identity in place, we can build you a series of digital sales tools: a robust, responsive (mobile-friendly) website or app, icons and branded graphics for social media fanpages, ebooks and online ads. Having all of these marketing tools created by the same person or team ensures consistency in quality and cost efficiency.

Signature Patterns

Are you interested in a custom pattern or a series of illustrations for use on textiles or a variety of other surfaces? We can design an exclusive package for your company, promotion or in-house merchandise line. We can also help you with wearable technology prototypes. Please see for examples.

If you’re at a point where you realize that your initial branding efforts are no longer good enough, that they simply do not do you justice, we would love to help. We’ve led many companies through the process and feel confident that you will enjoy the adventure and be delighted with the results.