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watercolor illustration by Belinda Darcey


A brief overview of the company:



The company was started in a Smith College dorm in 1999. It was only meant to be a summer job, helping out a professor by building a departmental website. But web designers were in short supply, so I got lucky.

I opened an office in Northampton, Massachusetts, and started offering web & graphic design to local businesses. Word-of-mouth continued to spread. Emphasizing simple, elegant design, I started attracting clients in the lifestyle category (travel & leisure, home décor, film, fashion) from New York City, to Boston, Massachusetts and Vermont.

In 2008, I re-located to Montreal, Quebec. My clients now come from the USA, Canada and Australia. However, my goal remains the same: to design beautiful branding and websites for startups, entrepreneurs, and small to medium size businesses.

Why Montreal?

Montreal enjoys a highly desirable cultural blend of European aesthetic mixed with North American pragmatism. As a result, it attracts an unusually large pool of independent artists and technical talent. While the official language of Québec is French, most residents are bilingual in English and French, and many are trilingual, so global thinking is a part of everyday life, and Montreal is well-known as a marketing testing center for emerging technology. It's also incredibly convenient: 5 hours by car from Boston and New York City. And 7 hours by plane to Paris. Oh yeah, I also married a Canadian.


Belinda Darcey, Creative Director

Belinda has 14 years experience as a visual designer, front-end web developer, copywriter and digital marketing strategist. She has run Dolce Design since its inception in 1999. Originally from Australia, she spent 20 years in the US before moving to Montreal, Canada. More on LinkedIn.


I maintain a flexible network of experienced, independent designers, developers and online marketing strategists across Canada and the US, with whom I contract regularly, depending on the size of each project. I manage all aspects of a project in-house so that nothing falls through the cracks. This enables me to provide mid-sized companies with the same services as a small ad agency, at a more affordable price.