25 February

Advice on the Best Ecommerce Solutions and Shopping Carts

So you want to add ecommerce… well, young Jedi, here’s how it breaks down, in order of complexity and pricing. Scenario 1: Single item (small quantity, one-size-fits-all, one price) You want to sell a single T-shirt design. Or a single painting. Or a subscription to a single newsletter. PayPal is the answer to your prayers. […]

11 February

Need printed business cards or postcards? Moo is for you.

I’m often asked to recommend a printer for clients. For large items (reports, manuals, packaging) I recommend a local printer with experience doing high-end stuff for local museums and arts organizations. But when it comes to small items like business cards, postcards or thank you cards, I do not hesitate to recommend the online service, […]